Research & Software

Personalize digital education

Assist, not replace

A key tenet of inGenius X's goals is to make education more personal. We recognize that a wealth of digital resources are available already, and while we do provide potential alternatives, we primarily focus on developing assistive tools to improve the digital education experience.

Use, not lose

With this initiative, we investigate applications of academia-level research to digital education. We aim to bring novel research advancements to make a social change, instead of remaining in a lab and being relegated to occasional journal publication.

Published Softwares


Beta 1.0.0

inGenius X recently published the first version of inGeniusLearn, a digital software that uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to personalize online education. inGeniusLearn employs deep neural networks to recognize student confusion through facial cues, and provides immediate feedback by parsing lectures sections and matching information to web databases. inGeniusLearn gradually builds a personal student profile to understand user learning patterns, areas of strength and weakness, etc.

inGeniusLearn was named the International Runner-up, Regional/National 1st Place Winner in the Global Diamond Challenge, winning over $8,500 total in seed funding. Combined with crowdfunding and local partnerships, inGeniusLearn has raised over $12,000 in venture funding, and is set to launch with five local tutoring services. You can read more about inGeniusLearn here , and download the beta open-source here.

*mobile computation optimizing methods utilized in inGeniusLearn are credited to the George Mason University Intelligence Fusion Laboratory's research


To aid in digital learning curriculums during the COVID-19 crisis, inGenius X recently published AmeliaX, a virtual learning chatbot able to autonomously assist students throughout online learning.

AmeliaX uses deep reinforcement learning along with machine learning-based natural language processing to understand natural language syntax and communicate at a near-human level. AmeliaX employs cloud servers connected to web databases to parse, respond, and provide detailed answers in real-time to homework questions.

After being featured in IEEE and local press, AmeliaX is now free and available to all students everywhere. Check out the current version here with a question like "What is a genome?"