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inGenius X was founded on the belief that every student deserves the same opportunity to education. We believe that through education, any child in the face of hardship - poverty, tragedy, crime - has the capacity to lift themselves into a better situation then before. As such, we aim to help address two leading issues in education: accessibility and quality.

With respect to access, we understand our limitations and responsibility. We recognize that countless digital resources and high-quality material exist on online platforms. Thus, while inGenius X does provide individual learning material hosted in apps, we primarily work to create unique platforms/softwares to personalize and assist in the learning process. Whether it's virtual AI tutors or autonomous lecture assistants, we aim to improve the intimacy of digital learning by personalizing online experience and guiding students to their goals.

264 milllion

children worldwide without access to education

Source: UNESCO 2017


of US highschoolers graduate without proficiency in reading & math

Source: USNews 2016

By improving learning experience, we hope to guide students in their journeys to educate themselves and educate others.

Teach a student, they learn for a day. Teach a student to learn, they learn for a lifetime.


An Excerpt from an interview with Points of Light


Rayan: The summer of 2018, I volunteered in my father’s hometown in rural China, in PingJiang, Hunan to tutor local students every day. My parents had mentioned the educational struggles they faced living in rural China, and I witnessed that firsthand during my mission. These students didn’t have curriculum, textbooks, and were in very large classes. Coming back, I realized that in our modern, digital age I could still help educate students across the globe through mobile apps and online resources.

Andrew: I’ve always known that my school in Alexandria, Virginia was historically economically underprivileged, but in my sophomore year, I started to notice that students couldn’t afford backpacks, pencils, the basic necessities. Rayan and I then began to collaborate on how we could combine our skills in digital technology to help these students.

After being founded in the summer of 2018, inGenius X has been able to connect with students all over the globe. From children halfway across the world in rural China to the students at the local elementary schools, inGenius X is proud to say that we've been able to not just provide resources to learn, but provide resources that make learning better.

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Our work is made possible by the volunteering and contribution from an enthusiastic team of students at the following high schools and universities:

James Madison High School

Vienna, Virginia

Justice High School

Alexandria, Virginia

Thomas Jefferson High School of Science & Technology

Alexandria, Virginia

Flint Hill School

Oakton, Virginia

Edison High School

Alexandria, Virginia

Massachussetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, Massachussetts

Centreville High School

Clifton, Virginia

Falls Church High School

Falls Church, Virginia

Harvard University

Cambridge, Massachussetts